Inside each of us is a hero waiting to be awakened, a warrior seeking to do battle, a poet quietly counting the love and loss this life inevitably brings. In our human experience, I believe it’s our responsibility to bring out those epic qualities in others.

In time as we know it, my life’s journey is about half spent; but years do no justice to the upward curve of discovery, leading to application, culminating in flow and connection to purpose. In my mid-forties, realizing that curve is a cause for celebration.

Whether fighting for justice for the voiceless, leveling the playing field via issue advocacy, or building support for opening our homes and lives to children in need, my faith is my work is my family life is my cause. I believe we are each manifesting our mission with every breath.

If you agree, I hope you’ll stay tuned for the stories, the content, the insights I seek or stumble upon. If you don’t, come back when you are ready . . .


Arch Nemesis of Simon Bar-Sinister