Christian is dedicated to being a catalyst for change, while empowering others to impact the world in their chosen mission field. Over the past ten years, he has formed, run, and advised various non-profit organizations with diverse missions.

Now he wants to help as many others as possible achieve success in the non-profit sector. Christian specializes in guiding individuals and teams to bring their world-changing mission into reality by helping crystallize their vision into an action plan, with a constant eye to seeking and harvesting new opportunities for growth.

Christian has broken down the work that a non-profit founder must do to establish an organization into five stages: 1) Frame it; 2) File it 3) Form it; 4) Fund it; 5) Foster it.

Stay tuned for new developments in the area of launching a non-profit with the aid of simple, user-friendly software.

Arch Nemesis of Simon Bar-Sinister